Drupal 6 language selection algorithm in "Path prefix with language fallback" mode
Created by: boaz on: March 28, 2009
Are you in a need to alter Drupal 6 language selection algorithm?Do you just need to know what's going on under the hood? Well, you've landed on the right article. I've recently needed to do the first task, and of course you can't change something unless you know how it works in the first place. Its actually pretty simple.
Making PHP session expire (in Drupal and in general)
Created by: boaz on: January 6, 2009

As the Internet evolves, so do the black hats that abuse the net and its inhabitants to their needs. A very common requirement therefore these days is to limit the session lifetime in a PHP application. PHP provides several directives in php.ini to achieve the desired configuration.

Drupal FAPI tales - need a token?
Created by: boaz on: December 30, 2008
I'm implementing a site now with nice amount of self-crafted forms. Drupal of course. Drupal 6 of course.
Now, I had this problem with one of the forms when testing how it works (with the others I didn't reach that state yet)
Teaching VI to recognize Drupal's *.module as php files
Created by: boaz on: July 19, 2008
This is a blog post for moi, actually. I get into the habit of "I had this piece of info in my blog. Lets recall..." and I'm following this this habbit with the post you're reading. Of course, I do hope its useful for others.

The issue at hand is how do I tell VI/VIM that Drupal PHP files named "myModule.module" are php files and not simple text files, thus enabling syntax highlighting and all other goodies provided with VI?

A few tips on using jQuery with Drupal on IE6 (out of sweat and tears)
Created by: boaz on: June 3, 2008
This post deals with several problems related to the combination of jQuery and IE6 and the lessons learned while working on a recent project. I just had to share those with you: so many hours have been put into the effort so I just can't let it all fade (even if also to have a reference to get back to smiley)
Using PDT + xDebug (for debugging Drupal projects)
Created by: boaz on: March 5, 2008
This blog post is meant to be a short guide and tips repository for setting up a PHP development environment using Eclipse PDT and xDebug. I use such an environment for my Drupal based development and it is an invaluable tool to me.
Direct DB access with custom (CCK) node types in Drupal
Created by: boaz on: February 7, 2008
I had this experience a few days ago which I could definitely spare: my code that runs custom query against a Drupal site's DB failed completely. One day, out of the blue, my code topped working and I got those SQL problems errors. It appeared as if the DB has changed under my feet! C$%p! - DB corruption???
Not really... Had I known a bit more... .
Exporting MySQL data into CSV using command line client
Created by: boaz on: February 1, 2008
I've recently needed to export some MySQL table data into a file.
Sure, there are gazillion ways to do this. I wanted to do this with as simple as possible tools - command line, that will be available always, and in a way which is not too awkward yet still powerful enough while done in a resource-conserving way
הפרטת בתי הכלא - עבודה סמינריונית
Created by: boaz on: December 24, 2007

מזה זמן רב שאני זומם להעלות לרשת את העבודה הסמינריונית שלי בנושא הפרטת בתי הכלא. אז עכשיו יש לי כבר אפשרות, עם היוסדות הבלוג הזה.
מדובר בעבודה סמינריונית, אחת משתיים שעשיתי בתואר שלי בעבודה סוציאלית.
למרות שמדובר בעבודה מסוף 2005 היא עדיין רלוונטית...